All About Ezan Vakti Pro

Ezan Vakti is a reminder application of Islamic prayer time around the world that has been growing continuously for 6 years to bring comfort and innovation.

With your favorite Quran feature, you can listen to the Quran audio and continue reading it again. You can also search for Surah easily.


Features You Will Like

Al Qur'an

2 different page views, page view and text view, multiple hafidz options and tracking feature

Preview Of Al Qur'an


At Shalah settings

This feature automatically rejects callers and send custom message automatically.

Preview Of At Shalah settings



The qibla direction gives you direction accurately to mecca up to 99%.

Preview of Qibla



This library has many religious books and you can easily read them from your device.

Preview Of Library


Prayer on Time

With this feature, you will be notified according to your settings in frequent 5 to 10 minutes until you done prayer.

Preview Of Prayer On Time


Qur'an Radio

You can listen to Quran audio broadcasts from different hafidz 24 hours non stop

Preview Of Qur'an Radio


Ladies special

With Ladies special feature, you can pause your alarm app for a while during your days

Preview Of Ladies special


Nearest Mosques & Halal Places

Wherever you are, this feature will show you the nearest mosques & halal places and let you navigate to your chosen one.

Preview Of Nearest Mosques & Halal Places

All Features

Make Your Religious Life Easier

Al Qur’an

  • 2 different page views
  • Choose more than 10 different Reciters
  • Tajweed Coloring
  • Bookmark
  • Many Translations
  • Night Mode
  • Be able to set font size in text view
  • Portrait and landscape screen
  • Sliding Quran screen automatically
  • Index
  • Easy navigation of Quran
  • Changeable of audio speed
  • Verse and Surah can be repeat and endlessly listen again
  • Share any verse on social media

Brotherhood of Dua

The Brotherhood of Dua feature is a feature that allows you to ask dua among those who use the application and to react to the desired dua. You can see how many dua you have prayed instantly and in the history.

  • Requesting dua,
  • How many participant who participated in the desired dua can be seen instantly,
  • You can see the list of previous dua,
  • When the dua period is completed, it will automatically send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address

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