Dhikr World

Kuran-ı Kerim


With the Dhikr World feature, you can easily access the Online dhikr, Virtual Halaka dhikr features and you can see all your dzikr history here.

Online Dhikrer;

  • 4.444 Salat-i Tefriciye,
  • 500 Hasbunallah Nikmal Wakeel,
  • 1.000 Surah Al Ikhlas,
  • 313 Ayat Kursi,
  • 41 Surah Al Fatihah,
  • 1.000.000 Salawat

You can participate in your dhikr and dua.

Virtual Halaka;

  • Listening to the voice dhikr of Allah and Lailahailallah ,
  • You can see the number of people who are participating directly,

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